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Project timeline

We’re currently carrying out the detailed design of the project until 2023 and if we are then given the go-ahead from the Government, the switchover to hydrogen would happen in 2025.


Early design

2021 – Early design complete


Detailed design

During the detailed design of our proposal, we will have a team working locally to liaise with everyone in the Redcar Hydrogen Community.  We will write to everyone in the area and give everyone the chance to come and see us at our drop-in sessions. We will arrange to come to your home to conduct an initial survey and ask you to indicate whether you would be happy to receive hydrogen from 2025, if our proposal receives approval.

If we are given the go ahead for the project in 2023, we will progress to Build and Prepare.

2022-2023 – Detailed design i


Build and prepare

If the project is approved in 2023, we’ll progress to preparing for the switchover to hydrogen. We will send customers information about the specific appliances they are able to choose for their homes during the project. Customers will choose appliances and agree they are happy to use hydrogen or select the electric alternative.  

We will carry out any work needed to network in preparation for the switchover.

2023-2024 – Build and prepare i


Prepare and go live

Prior to go-live, we will replace the gas appliances in your home with your chosen alternative and take away your existing appliances. In 2025, the gas supply will be switched to hydrogen for around two years.

During the live phase of the project, we will service your appliances and maintain regular contact. We will ask you to provide feedback about your experience and continue to have a presence in the town, so you always have a point of contact.   

2024-2025 – Prepare and Go live i